Squint and Ambliopia

Squint and Ambliopia

Many children born with Squint (cross ? eyed perdon ), this because of an alteration of the muscles which move the eyes, however is possible to align the eyes trough the training and in some cases with surgery, the danger of this illness is that the children who have not received treatment lose vision in the squint eyes and this lost can not be recovered.

The Ambliopía or vague or lazy eye consist in the partial loss or greater of the sight. Normally this affects to one eye, but sometimes is bilateral because there are important defects of refraction in both eyes, specially severe astigmatism.

 Normal  Squint and Ambliopia



ˇ Comitante squint: This indicates that the extra ocular muscles work individually but do not focus towards the same object.
ˇ Incomitante squint: Happens when the grade of deviation varies with the direction of the sight. This indicates that one or more extra ocular muscles do not work with normality.


The majority of the cases are produced by visual defects (myopia, astigmatism, longsigthedness) that have not been detected or corrected in the childhood. Other causes are the squint operated very late.