Make the following

ˇ Make periodic revisions of the sight and visit the ophthalmologist certified
ˇ Remember that many illness of the eyes can be avoided if they are detected very early. Remember, that the prevention is very important
ˇ Check the vision of your children, is better if it is in an early age, with this the myopia and the lazy eye can be detected and corrected
ˇ The persons with diabetes can have the risk of ocular illness, is recommended to visit very often the ophthalmologist to avoid complications .
ˇ Since the age of 35 is convenient to visit the ophthalmologist to rule out the glaucoma (In special in afro American persons o black race), and other pains that can appear since that age
ˇ If your age or your relatives´ s are over 60 years we should visit the ophthalmologist routinely (preferably each year) to rule out pains that appear since this age and cataracts.

10 hygiene Advice and Visual Ergonomía

ˇ Do not approach in excess when you read or write, nor tilt or turn your head or back. Carry out all the near activities at the same distance that exists between your elbow and the first phalanx of the middle finger.
ˇ When you make your tasks you should be aware about the environment.
ˇ To facilitate a good position when you read or write is convenient that the plan of the table has an inclination of 20 grades.
ˇ Do not read or study when you are very tired or asleep. Do not read or study immediately when you get up in the morning, wait at least one hour if is possible.
ˇ When you read, see from time to time any image (numbers of a calendar, for example).
ˇ When you study place a mark three or four pages later and when you reach this stand up at least for one minute.
ˇ Use a general illumination in the room and other focused in the homework that you do but without dazzling (the right - handed persons to his left and the left - handed persons to his right).
ˇ Do not watch the TV at a distance inferior to 2 or 2,5 meters and make sure that you have a good position. You should have the room illuminated never dark.
ˇ When you go on the car avoid reading or another activities is preferable to see far.
ˇ It is convenient to make an ophthalmologic exam each year or when you notice visual tiredness, headache, modifications in your vision far or near or the diminution in the performance in the studies or in the work.

Signs de Attention

It is recommended to make a consultation with the ophthalmologist in case of:

ˇ Squint: eyes no aligned
ˇ Pupiles of different size.
ˇ Eyes of different size.
ˇ Inflated eyelid
ˇ Tearful Eyes
ˇ Have nuisance in front of the natural Light, wink the eyes when the sun rises
ˇ Necessity of covering an eye with the hand, double vision
ˇ Approach too much to the objects or reading material.
ˇ Purse the forehead to fix the sight