Optical Store

Optical Store

OFTALMIC LASER, is the first retail chain of Lima Norte specialized in the selling of lens for the sun, this gives a preferential position as experts of the tendencies of the fashion.


The principal world trade marks launch, each season their newness in our showcases. Very often, following the rhythm of the fashion, the tendencies in sun lens change. Nowadays the lens XL with paste are booming, remembering last decades. A marked style that hides the look behind great dark forms.


Observing the future, in some premature models, a change to the metal is predicted, that draws horizons in matt gold and silver. OFTALMIC LASER has privileged information thanks to the frequent trips for updating of their professionals Ophthalmologist Doctor, Optometrist, Optic, Technicians and Sales Executives and this is the key to anticipate to the tendencies.

We have an optician service, to provide you and your family a great variety of lens, sun lens, contact lens and similar products. Remember that we accept credit cards.

We accept cards...

ˇ Visa
ˇ Master Card
ˇ Ripley
ˇ Ace