The Excimer Laser

The Excimer Laser

In the World, we the ophthalmologists look for a procedure to say GOOD BY LENTS AND CONTACT LENS and this has been achieved with THE EXCIMER LASER.


The Excimer Laser removes tissues with a precision up to 0.25 microns. Nowadays, in its second decade of use, the Excimer Laser technologically improved has added a great margin of precision, control and security to the correction of defects of the vision. Employing this outstanding technology, the cornea is reformed to be adjusted to the prescriptions of your lens, at the same time the dependency to the corrective lens is reduced or eliminated for the rest of the life for hundred thousands of persons per year.




LASIK Queratomileusis In-Situ supported with Laser offers benefits in comparison with other forms of correction of the vision with laser, since this is carried out under the protection of a layer of tissue. As a result, the quantity of superficial tissue to heal is lower, the risk of misting of the cornea is lower, the post ? operation upset is lower, the necessity of post ? operation medication is lower and the vision comes back very fast, generally in one day or more.

ˇ LASIK - Myopia The Myopia happens when the rays of light focus in front of the retina, instead of directly in this.. To treat the Myopia, the cornea should be levelled. This is achieved removing the tissue of the centre of the cornea.

ˇ LASIK ? Hyperopia The longsightedness happens when the rays of light do not bend the necessary to focus in the retina. To treat the longsightedness, the central part of the cornea should be ticker, this is achieved orienting the laser ray to the removal of the tissue in the corneal periphery.

ˇ LASIK - Astigmatisms The Astigmatisms happens when the rays of light focus in front and behind the retina.

Symptomatology Post Surgery

When the effect of the anaesthesia concludes approximately one hour after the surgery, the symptoms can be the following:

ˇ Pressure sensation
ˇ Sensation of strange object in the eye
ˇ Watering
ˇ Redness of the conjuctiva
ˇ Sensibility to the light


You should avoid ...

ˇ Make up for three (3) weeks approximately
ˇ Take a bath in the sea or swimming pool for a month. You can go to a club or beaches, but not submerge
ˇ Make hard physical exercises over two months (football, basket, baseball etc.)
ˇ Pressure, rub or hit the eye operated in unnoticed way .
ˇ You should avoid contaminated environments (wind, powder, etc.), ideally use lens with ultraviolet protection.

Before the Surgery

If you have Contact Lens you should : If they are soft, take them out one week before the surgery. If they are hard take them out two weeks before the surgery

Surgery Day

ˇ Make a light food
ˇ Take a (1) pill of Lexotan of 3mg (is delivery on the surgery day)
ˇ The entrance to the surgery area with make up on the eyes, jewellery, perfume and valuable objects is not allowed.
ˇ Fulfil all the precautions and be on time
ˇ Be present in the department of admission of the Centre Laser and operating theatre in the order assigned according to the time of operation
ˇ Ideally do not bring children on the surgery day
ˇ Is essential a companion per patient.